Our Approach


The Vocal Academy approaches all students according to their specific needs. In just one lesson we can quickly assess any issues and prescribe an approach to correct and improve your voice through IVA exercises. Vocal Balance is an ever moving target and our investment in Highly Focused Vocal Pedagogy ensures that we keep focused on that target even as the pendulum swings moment to moment.

Our network extends Worldwide and we can call on Vocal Pedagogic leaders from America to Australia, Korea to Singapore, Uruguay to Poland, in many different countries and in many different languages, musical backgrounds and genre preferences in order to offer our students the best chances to excel at any stage in their careers.

All Vocal Teachers at the Vocal Academy are training with the IVA so if you ever need to take a class with another instructor, their will be no contradictory or confusing signals. This ensures a continuity of training and makes every one of our students comfortable in the knowledge that they will never be given conflicting direction as to what is best for their voice.

From time to time we have students that are not native to Ireland. No problem! We can also put non Native students in touch with IVA trained Vocal Instructors in their locality when they return home as we have been able to look after students from Spain, Hungary, the United States, UK and elsewhere who had previously trained with IVA techniques in their own localities.