About The Academy



The Vocal Academy is for Singers who want to improve their technique so that they can comfortably perform their songs from the bottom to the top of their range without any break in quality.

Whether your thing is pop, rock, opera, light opera, classical or other we will teach you to overcome fundamental bad habits and strengthen the areas in your voice that need strengthening in a way that will encourage health in your voice in the long term – regardless of genre.

Like any sportsman, indeed any professional in any field, to get to the top (wherever that is!!) and to remain at the top requires commitment and is a never-ending process. Like any focused amateur or professional sportsman it is commitment to practice and training that makes the difference. Your voice is no different. It requires care and nurturing. The better the attention you can give it, the better it will be for you.



Guitar Lessons from The Vocal Academy are designed to cater for the beginner guitarist right through to the more accomplished player looking to expand their pallet of skills and knowledge on the instrument.
Whether your goal is to play for yourself, for five people or five thousand people, we provide tuition catered to the individuals own interest, goals and skill level.
Guitar lessons from The Vocal Academy can provide you with the skill set and foundations you need to start your musical journey or provide an existing player with more variety and colour for their continued growth.
At The Vocal Academy all lessons are provided by qualified teachers currently active on the Irish music circuit with years experience catering to students of all ages and ability.
David McDonald – Guitar Teacher